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Debt Counselling

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In 2007, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) introduced debt review and debt counselling under the National Credit Act (NCA) 34 of 2005.

It is a voluntary debt relief measure to assist over-indebted consumers whose income is not sufficient to cover their living expenses and debt repayments.

Debt Review is intended to assist these consumers through budget advice, negotiation with credit providers and restructuring of debts

While a consumer is under debt review, credit providers cannot issue letters of demand or take legal action against them. The consumer is legally protected!

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Debt Review

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If you are drowning in debt… You are NOT alone!

Out of the 26.48 million active credit consumers in South Africa – 37.9% are in the RED… 
That means 10.4 MILLION South Africans are in the same boat as you!

They owe R2.16 TRILLION to debtors through loans, credit cards and store accounts! 

According to the National Credit Regulator – a person is considered over-indebted when their monthly income is NOT sufficient to cover all financial obligations and living expenses.

We can help you get back to a normal life! 

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Debt Review Process

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  1. Contact us

  2. After chatting we will send you an initial form

  3. Return it to us and include

    • ​3 x Payslips​

    • 3 x Bank Statements

    • A copy of your South African ID

  4. We will send you a Form 16 with our proposal (quote), it shows how much money we can free up

  5. Sign and return the Form 16 when you accept

  6. We place you on the NCR Debt Help System to inform credit providers that you are on debt review

  7. We negotiate with your credit providers to arrive at an amount you can afford to pay

  8. Once everyone agrees, we send the proposal to the Magistrate's court for a consent order

  9. You pay 1 consolidated affordable monthly installment until all the debts have been settled

  10. We issue a clearance certificate to take you off of debt review

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About Debt

Post it with "Pay Debt" written on it

Are you over-Indebted?

Do you...

  • Borrow money to pay other loans?

  • Skip payments to pay others?

  • Receive calls from collectors?

  • Absent from work month-end?

  • Often feel stressed about money matters?

You may be over-indebted

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Debt Relief Measures

​Your legal choices to get out of debt

  • Debt counselling

    • Reduce your payments​(What we do)

  • Debt Rescheduling

    • Restructure the terms of your repayments​         

  • Surrender of goods

    • Give your stuff to your creditors​

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